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Professional Development and Soft Skills

Equine-Assisted Learning exercises have proven to be very effective in building a "herd mentality" in the workplace. Employers are looking for creative employees that can think out of the box. The kind of person  that has good communication skills and is able to think critically and problem solve to get the job done efficiently and effectively. A person who can work together with others as a team! It costs a company a lot more money to hire new employees that it does to train current employees. Emmaus Horsemanship Co. offers a unique Equine-Assisted Learning workshop on soft skill development which includes leadership skills, teamwork, problem-solving, work ethics, flexibility/adaptability, communication skills, time management, and interpersonal skills.  Please contact us to discuss pricing and availability.

Equine-Assisted Learning and Behavior (EALB)

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a structured evidence-based method that applies the theory of learning and motivation. ABA focuses on improving behaviors  in social/emotional development, improved communication, attentional tasks as well as everyday adaptive learning skills. This technique has become the most successful way to teach new skills and change or influence positive behavioral outcomes. Equine-Assisted Learning provides participants the opportunity to naturally interact with horses and their environment to achieve goals that may increase knowledge on a wide range of topics or self-discovery. Equine-assisted exercises blended with ABA provides a unique experiential learning opportunity that follows a process of assessment, planning and documentation.

Medicaid Waiver: The Emmaus Horsemanship Co. is a qualified provider for Home and Community-Based Services through the Department of Human Services/Office of Medical Assistance/Office of Developmental Programs; and can offer Equine-Assisted Learning through Behavior Support, Community Participation Support and In-Home and Community Support. The county MH/ID offices serve as a referral source to Emmaus Horsemanship which is qualified to receive Medicaid Waiver funding in Westmoreland, Allegheny, Armstrong and Butler counties. DHS/ODP Customer Service: 1-888-565-9435

Fee for Service: The assessment process and facilitation of Equine-Assisted Learning and Behavior varies among goals, needs and requests. All fees will be determined and discussed prior to the first session.

Personal Development and Wellbeing (PDW)

Personal development is a lifelong endeavor. It is a process by which people are able to acquire new tools that change behavior to improve their life. A focus of change could include areas of relationships, communication, self-discovery or any other subject related to self-growth and improvement. The meaning of wellbeing is multidimensional. It includes a dynamic balance between mind, body, spirit; and the goal of living fully and authentically with a mission or purpose. Partnering with horses in Equine-Assisted Learning exercises  integrates natural horse and herd behavior as a model or metaphor for personal growth and development that can lead to a state of wellbeing. The Personal Development and Wellbeing program is offered in private sessions or group workshops using interactive facilitative coaching and equine-assisted learning exercises within a specific process model. 

Private PDW: One-hour sessions are offered  by appointment for personalized coaching support.  Monthly registration fee is $225 for four sessions.

Group PDW: Workshops are held on Saturdays for approximately 3 hours and include light refreshments.  There are many topics related to personal growth and development . Upcoming events and details will be posted on our Face Book page throughout the year.