An educational and therapeutic horsemanship program that promotes spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual well being.

Choose to ride in our indoor arena, a neighboring outdoor arena or go on a little trail ride connecting to our property. There is always somewhere to ride! 

​​​​​​​​​​We provide a small friendly barn with matted stalls and a tack room. Each stall is approximately 10'x10' or larger. Our boarders have a tack cupboard with three deep shelves and three saddle racks for storage. The barn offers a sanitary bathroom with warm water for boarders and guests. There is a convenient and safe outdoor wash stall for our horses.

Our equine partners are well cared for and receive fresh water and an abundance of hay when in their stalls. They are fed grain and hay that is weighed for their individual height and weight. We provide supplements, short term medication and blankets upon the boarders request. Annual vaccinations with the local veterinarian and regular visits with the farrier are coordinated by the facility director for the boarders' convenience. Boarders are required to provide deworming medication on an appropriate rotation schedule.

Horses are turned out into grassy pastures with safe and well maintained fencing weather permitting. There is a fresh running stream that runs through the pastures.  

Services at the Emmaus Barn

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