Intellectual and developmental disability services are administered through county Mental Health/Intellectual Disability (MH/ID) program offices. The county MH/ID offices serve as a referral source to Emmaus Horsemanship which is qualified to receive Medicaid Waiver in Westmoreland, Allegheny, Armstrong and Butler counties. The MH/ID office will determine a person's eligibility for funding and provide a supports coordinator. The supports coordinator will offer you an application for Medicaid Home and Community-Based Waiver to participate in inclusive community based mounted and unmounted equine-assisted learning activities which may include basic horsemanship and riding instruction. Emmaus Horsemanship qualifies to offer equine-assisted learning activities through Behavioral Support, Community Participation Support and In-Home and Community Support.

DHS/ODP Customer Service Line: 1-888-565-9435

Toll Free TTY Number 1-866-388-1114


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An educational and therapeutic horsemanship program that promotes spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual well being.

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Its true that employers are looking for creative employees that can think out of the box! The kind of person that has good communication skills and are able to think critically and problem solve to get the job done efficiently and effectively. People who can work together as a team! It costs a company a lot more money and time to hire new employees than it does to train current employees. Emmaus Horsemanship Co. offers unique equine-assisted learning exercises within a training format that addresses the key areas employers are looking for in offering professional development to their employees. Please call to discuss pricing.

Emmaus Horsemanship Co. provides educational and therapeutic horsemanship instruction to people from ages 6 to 60. We follow the educational and safety standards set forth by the Certified Horsemanship Association and Equine Assisted Philosophy. Emmaus Horsemanship participants' interact with the environment, their instructors and with the horses to achieve personal or professional goals that may increase knowledge and/or riding ability on a wide range of topics and/or self-discovery. Many years of research show that people's interactions with horses produce many educational and therapeutic-type benefits. The stable environment is our classroom. 

Our multi-faceted program offers equine facilitated learning activities to a variety of different people of all ages and abilities as well as opportunities for training and development in the corporate world. Each person has their own unique gifts, talents, and challenges. Our program philosophy is to identify and use our God-given gifts while we set goals to reduce the challenges and become successful living an everyday life.  

The program at Emmaus Horsemanship operates on a fee for service. Emmaus Horsemanship is also a qualified provider for Medicaid Waiver through the Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Programs.  


There are two options to consider when deciding to commit to the Emmaus Horsemanship program.

Casual Participants

Sessions are offered at $40.00 for 50 minutes. This type of commitment is for people who want to come and learn about horses, ride, or do groundwork periodically as their schedule permits. They may not be able to commit to the same day and time but may want to schedule one or many sessions in advance. 

Weekly Participants

A special discount to people interested in maintaining a weekly scheduled time commitment to consistently improve upon all horsemanship skills is offered at $145.00 per month for a 50 minute session. The participants will participate in a minimum of 4 horsemanship sessions each month. The monthly fee is due prior to the first of each month along with a commitment too attend a pre-scheduled day and time.

Semi-Private sessions are available upon request and dependent on the riding and safety skill level of the participants. We encourage family members and friends to participate in horsemanship activities together.

Horse Club 

A small group of youth meet every week in the summer and monthly during the colder seasons to gain hands on experience in the care of horses and the stable environment. Reservations are required. The horsemanship session is offered for 2 1/2-3 hours at $50.00 per session.