An educational and therapeutic horsemanship program that promotes spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual well being.

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Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy implements equine-assisted principles and exercises to introduce the client to a therapy modality that is more efficient and less threatening than traditional talk therapy. In general, the principles of EAP and EAL based on equine behavior give us insight to:

  • our ability to feel and respond to emotional and physical pressure and pain. 
  • understand ways to balance out time at attention (heightened states of activity) and time to be at ease (worry less).
  • healthy ways to confront challenging and fearful aspects of life.
  • recognize how our pushing and pulling behaviors affect others. (focus on getting things done, manipulation)
  • communicate effectively matching up our body language with our words. 

For more information and scheduling a counseling appointment please contact:

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Equine-Assisted Learning is a field of practice based on Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy that integrates natural horse and herd behavior as a model for human and emotional health. In maintaining an equine-assisted philosophy and principles, Emmaus Horsemanship provides the opportunity for experiential teaching and learning concepts to occur naturally as the students' interact with the environment, their instructors and with the horses to achieve goals that may increase knowledge on a wide range of topics and/or self-discovery. 

People having behavioral challenges, ADHD, head trauma, autism or related disorders benefit from the therapeutic value in the interactions with horses. Students' develop improved coping skills, relaxation, concentration, social communication, relationship development and sensory integration. 

Emmaus Horsemanship ensures that all equine assisted activities meet the needs of people of all ages and abilities in a community inclusive environment. 


Equine-Assisted Wellness

Joey is a typical young man with many hopes and dreams. He takes many different medications on a daily basis for autism as well as other mental health and medical symptoms. Joey spent many summers growing up with horses at Teen Quest.  He has been dreaming  for the time when he can just be around horses again and feel at ease!

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Our amazing friend and fellow colleague is recovering from a significant medical illness that impacted part of her vision and many other physical and sensory systems. The equine-assisted learning exercises help to strengthen her physical abilities as well as build trust in her new capabilities. 

"The Collaborative Training Team"

Emmaus Horsemanship Co.

Sammie and Terry have a number of medical and mental health challenges that greatly impact their daily lives. They recently entered into a new type of relationship with each other.

Equine-assisted  learning exercises are helping them to better understand the give and take in their special relationship.



Creative Problem Solving​

Critical Thinking and Observation


Time Management


Equine-assisted learning exercises have proven to be very effective in building a "herd mentality" in the workplace.